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Seaweeks Creations onyx stone pipes are carved out of exceptional
quality, genuine natural stone onyx not man made cultured stone. Our onyx stone is unparalleled and unsurpassed. We hand choose our onyx to insure the finest quality stone, we then cut, drill and polish the onyx to achieve a breathtaking and head turning onyx stone smoking pipe. Always a huge conversation piece as well as being an inspired work of art in and of itself. Our pipes are carved one at a time to be distinguished, original and authentic one of a kind pipes. Each pipe is a true individual. Our pipes are extremely durable, reliable and superior in strength to glass pipes. Our pipes also stay cool when smoked, a must have for any herb connoisseur or bud lover. If you like you can even have one custom made just for you. We have a wide variety of eye catching colors and styles just waiting for you choose from a wholesale set listed or choose a custom set just to your liking.